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Art is essential in expanding the horizons of children beyond everyday life. Children that are exposed to art early, are known to do better and go further in life as art creates an inner connection within the child to its outer environment.

Art as Therapy

Using Therapeutic Art for Daily Health-Author: A.Deakin

Absolutely everyone can be therapeutically benefitted through daily health art sessions. In order to tap into our own personal artist that lives inside, all we have to do is allow our emotional perspective to come shining through. From there, it is simply a matter of choosing your medium and rolling up your sleeves. Artistic expression is a highly beneficial means of personal expression. Those who create art for a living are often some of the healthiest people around. They spend their time expression their point of view for a living.
You can choose to see a professional art therapist or you can go it alone. Some people decide to have a couple of sessions with a professional therapist to get them started and then take their personal sessions to a new level at home alone. Daily health, emotional health, is becoming more difficult for many of us to find. But a daily artistic session can offer you a release of pent up feelings, express fears, and find your own solace. The liberation that artwork of your own can offer you is a unique aspect of engaging in this sort of activity. You don't have to be any good to benefit from therapeutic art sessions. If you prefer concrete forms you can paint, draw, or sculpt in real life articles. If you are more about the abstract, you can create splatter paint pictures or you can create paintings or drawings that are more expression than picture. You have the opportunity to try out new ways of expressing yourself and you have every chance to try out new artistic styles. Whatever fits the moment works.

More than just choosing how you want to tap into your inner artist, you also have the advantage of choosing what you feel like doing with each piece that you complete. You can save it for your own posterity, throw it in the trash, or you can try your hand at professional marketing. Since it's all about you and your artwork, you can do pretty much anything that you want to and it's perfectly Okay. You're not the only one that can enjoy the benefits of the daily health that comes from daily artistic creativity. Everyone in the family can get in on the action. Children, even very young children, can get into the fun and self exploration of art. Crayons, paints, and even modeling clay can offer your kids a great way to get in touch with the arts and themselves.
Since there is no right or wrong way to dabble in art therapy, children are free to create as they wish and it will always turn out perfectly. Boys can benefit from the joys of artistic expression just as much or even more than girls. Boys often need a new alternative for their creative side and this could be just the thing. Doing your own therapeutic art can be more productive in some cases than talk therapy. Artistic expression is not limited to negative feelings and you are free to explore the joys and fun that you experience as well. Your feelings are not limited to what a therapist finds beneficial to talk about, but whatever you are feeling can be expressed. As you begin taking all of your personal thoughts and feelings you might find that your personal art portfolio becomes perfect for your home decor. You might alternatively decide to hang on to all of your creations as a visual diary that expresses a lifetime of experience.
Annie Deakin is a journalist, fashion and furniture expert and editor at who is currently interested in chair, footstool and furniture.

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